Komite Nasional Ekonomi dan Keuangan Syariah
Main Issues of Islamic Economics & Finance

Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim majority and the largest number of Islamic financial institutions in the world. KNEKS is present as a catalyst in an effort to accelerate, expand and advance sharia economic and finance development in order to support national economic resilience.
Pengembangan Produk Industri Halal
Islamic Economy & Finance
Strengthening Strategy
Strengthening Islamic Economics and Finance

Strengthening Islamic economics and finance through product innovation, market deepening and development of financial system infrastructure so as to become a driver of the growth of the halal industry. 

Strengthening Halal Value Chain
Strengthening the entire value chain of the halal industry from upstream to downstream through the development of halal hubs in the regions, developing halal standards, halal lifestyle campaigns, providing incentives for businesses and building international halal centers.
Strengthening Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)
Strengthen the halal MSME industry and encourage the achievement of equitable welfare and independence of the nation's economy through the provision of education and literacy programs, the provision of integrated Islamic financing facilities, and the construction of MSME databases.
Strengthening Fatwa, Regulations and Governance
Strengthening the provision of a business climate for the Sharia Financial Industry and Halal Industry with legal certainty, easy processes and good governance.
Strengthening the Digital Economy
Strengthening halal industry players by utilizing and optimizing digital services both financing, marketing and production capacity through the provision of hala market place, establishment of incubator start-ups, and integrated information systems for traceability of halal products.
Strengthening HR Literacy, Research and Development (R & D)
Strengthen public awareness of the Islamic economic concept towards providing high-quality and competent human resources to be able to compete and innovate through research and development.
Relevant Agencies
The KNEKS members consists of 3 coordiantor miniters, 7 ministers, 3 heads of government institutions, chariman of MUI and chairman of KADIN, with the Minister of Finance concurrently as Secretary.